It's Only Forever, not long at all, lost and lonely. No one can blame you for walking away. Too much rejection, no love injection. Life can be easy, it's not always swell. Don't tell me truth hurts little girl, cause it hurts like hell. But down in the Underground you'll find someone true. Down in the Underground a land serene, a crystal moon... It's only forever, it's not long at all. Lost and lonely that's Underground, Underground....


What can I say? I'm a child of the 80's. I grew up watching this movie literally every day, and figured it was about time to dedicate a site to it. Soooo, without further adieu...

The Story:
Labyrinth is an enchanting tale of a girl named Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) who's world is turned "upside down" when Jareth, the Goblin King (David Bowie) steals her baby brother away to the Goblin City in the center of the labyrinth. Sarah has thirteen hours to complete the labyrinth before her baby brother becomes one of "them" forever. Nothing is ever what it seems in this labyrinth, and throughout her journey Sarah meets many creatures that both help and hinder her success. But in the end it all comes down to a battle of pure will between she and Jareth.


"Give me the child. I have fought my way here to the castle, beyond the Goblin City, to take back the child you have stolen. For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom as great. You have no power over me!" -Sarah



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CD Cover

Sarah in Crystal Ball

Novel Cover

CD Inside Cover

The Labyrinth

Hedge Maze

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth

Owl & Bubble Over Labyrinth

Sarah and Jareth

The Masquerade

Jareth Offering Crystal to Sarah

The Masquerade

Sarah and Jareth

Sarah & Labyrinth Book

Sarah at the Clock in the Ball


Sarah and Toby

Sarah in Hedge Maze

Sarah in her Room

Sarah in the Junkyard

Sarah Reciting Labyrinth Book

Sarah at the Ball

Sarah in Tobi's Room

Sarah and Tobi

Sarah Starting Labyrinth

Sarah with the Peach

Sarah at the Ball


Jareth in Owl Costume

Jareth with Crystal

Jareth in Sarah's House

Jareth with Tobi

Jareth in Maze Room

Jareth Singing Magic Dance

Jareth Holding Toby

Jareth in Window

Jareth with Goblins

Crystal Ball

Sarah & Fireys

Sir Didymus in Goblin City

Sir Didymus


Hoggle in Goblin City

Tobi in Maze Room

The Worm

Sir Didymus

Sarah over Bogue

Sarah & Hoggle

Sarah & Hoggle

Sarah & Helping Hands

The Guards

Sarah & Hoggle Running

In the Goblin City

Sarah Meets Ludo







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  • " Things aren't always what they seem in this place, so you can't take anything for granted." -The Worm

  • "Everything I've done, I've done for you... I move the stars for no one." -Jareth

  • "If he'd tell me that you'd say yes, then the answer would still be no!" -Sarah

  • " Where'd she learn that rubish? It doesn't even start with 'I wish'..." -Goblin
  • " Sarah, go back to your room, play with your toys and your costumes, forget about the baby." -Jareth
  • " It's so stimulating being your hat." -Wise Man's Bird Hat
  • " ...the air is sweet and fragrant... and none may pass without my permission!" -Sir Didymus
  • " Nothing? Nothing? Nothing, tra-la-la-la?" -Jareth
  • "What's the matter, my dear? Don't you like your toys?" -Junk Lady
  • "I have sworn with my life's blood-- no one shall pass this way without my permission?" -Sir Didymus
    " Well, may we have your permission?" -Sarah
    " Well, I uh...uh...yes...?" -Sir Didymus
  • "That's not fair!" -Sarah
    "You say that so often, I wonder what you're basis for comparison is." -Jareth
  • "Fear me, love me... do as I say, and I will be your slave." -Jareth
  • "Hoggle is Hoggle's friend!" -Hoggle
  • "We'll just take her head off!" -A Firey
  • " Oh, it's you." -Hoggle
  • "'Ello!" -Worm
    "Did you say 'hello'?" -Sarah
    " No, I said 'ello... but that's close enough." -Worm
  • "Sometimes it seems like we are not getting anywhere, when in fact..." -Wise Man
    "We are!" -Bird
    "...We are." -Wise Man
  • "The way forward is sometimes the way back." -Wise Man
  • "Smmmmmeeeeeeellllllll bbbbbbaaaaaaaadddddddd!" -Ludo
  • "Does any one want to play a game of scrabble?" -Sir Didymus
  • "Never fear, Fair Maiden, I will save thee! ....Somehow." -Sir Didymus
  • "I can bear it no longer, Goblin King, Goblin King, where ever you may be, take this child of mine far away from me! -Sarah
  • "Everything's dancing..." -Sarah
  • "You don't need two ears!" -The Fireys to Sarah
  • "What's said is said." -Jareth to Sarah
  • "Your Majesty! The girl, the one that ate the peach and forgot everything!" -Goblin
    "Yes, what of her?" -Jareth
    "She's here!" -Goblin
  • "I hit something, yes? No?!" -Cannon Ball Goblin
  • "Ambrosious! Can we please talk about this?!" -Sir Didymus
  • "I shall fight you all to the death!" -Sir Didymus
  • "Even if you get to the center, you'll never get out again." -Hoggle
    "That's your opinion!" -Sarah
    "Well it's a lot better than yours!" -Hoggle
  • "Ay, will you listen to this crap!" -Bird
    "Will you please be quiet!!" -Wise Man
  • "Get through the Labyrinth? Get through the Labyrinth? One things for sure, she'll never get through the Labyrinth!" -Hoggle
  • "Ambrosious! If you don't turn around this instant I will never feed you again!" -Sir Didymus
  • "Hey! I just fired you!" -Cannon Firer
  • "It's only forever, not long at all..." -Jareth
  • "Your eyes can be so cruel, just as I can be so cruel..." -Jareth
  • "She drawing on the walk-walk! Your mother is a fraggin aardvark!" -Tile Flipping Goblin (supposedly)
  • "It's not fair!" -Hoggle
    "That's right, It's not fair, but that's the way it is!" -Sarah
  • "Nippy Nip Nip!" -Little goblin guys attacking Ludo




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